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Start Date: November 2008
Duration: 36 months

The goal of this project is research and development of methodologies for advanced control of the next generation wind turbines with higher unit power (5-10MW). The following topics are addressed:

  1. Development of simulation models for wind turbines with the purpose of wind turbine operation analysis and control system synthesis, which furthermore present the building elements of an integrated wind farm model.
  2. Research of advanced wind turbine control methods with emphasis on: a) optimal rotor speed and generator power control in different weather conditions, b) reduction of wind turbine structural loads, c) fatigue reduction, d) short-term prediction of changes in weather conditions temporal and spatial wind profile and adaptation to such changes.
  3. Development of a systematic methodology for the control system synthesis with respect to performance demands and subject to energy and construction limitations.
  4. Experimental validation of developed control and estimation algorithms on laboratory wind turbine in Renewable energy laboratory situated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb.

The project is divided into 6 structured and time scheduled work packages:

  1. Wind turbine and wind mathematical modeling (months 0-7)
  2. Conventional wind turbine control algorithms (months 0-9)
  3. Advanced wind turbine control algorithms (months 6-24)
  4. Systematic, model based optimal control of wind turbine (months 12-30)
  5. Wind turbine as a part of wind farm (months 24-32)
  6. Experimental validation of control algorithms (months 12-36)


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